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Arkansas hunter dies after being attacked by deer he shot

An Arkansas hunter was killed after a deer that he had just shot attacked him.

YELLVILLE, Ark. — According to Keith Stephens, Chief of Communications at the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, an Arkansas hunter died after a deer that he had just shot attacked him. 

Wildlife officials said that Thomas Alexander, 66, shot the buck using a muzzleloader while hunting near Yellville, Marion County.

Stephens investigated the death and said Alexander approached the deer to check if he had killed it.

Stephens said that the deer then attacked Alexander while the 66-year-old was inspecting the animal, leaving him with serious injuries. 

According to a Newsweek article, despite his injuries, Alexander was able to call his family who alerted emergency responders. He was rushed to hospital but medical staff were not able to save him.

Upon observation by the Arkansas State Medical Examiner's office, the Baxter County preliminary report concluded that Alexander died due to pre-existing medical conditions that were complicated by the deer attack.

The AGFC urges hunters to be careful when approaching deer which they have just shot, making sure to leave them for around half an hour to be certain that the animal is not still alive.

Deer are not normally aggressive animals, given that they prefer to flee from predators. However, they are known to become aggressive if they feel that their young are threatened.

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