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ARDOT conducting study on Little Rock street causing safety concerns

Safety concerns along Broadway Street in Little Rock now have one state lawmaker taking action.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Safety concerns along Broadway Street in Little Rock now have one state lawmaker taking action.

State Rep. Denise Ennett is calling on the constituents in her district to leave comments and concerns as a part of the Arkansas Department of Transportation study on the street. The study started last year. 

It's still going on and won't be done for another year according to Ennett, but during this phase, they're seeking public feedback.

"I cross Broadway every day. My parents live on this side of Broadway. I live on this side of Broadway, and six blocks down there's a daycare. It's a church there, and every day you see parents trying to cross the street to take their kids to the daycare. So it's a safety issue," said Ennett.

Ennett said the constituents in her district have been complaining about speeding and the fact that Broadway Street isn't pedestrian-friendly.

She said for years people have tried to see what city or state officials could do, which is why she reached out to ARDOT to conduct the study.

"If somebody wanted to ride a bike down Broadway or if somebody wanted to cross Broadway... I mean, it's dangerous," said Ennett.

Dave Parker with ARDOT said the study will focus on the stretch of Broadway from Highway 365 to Roosevelt Boulevard and I-30.

They'll be monitoring traffic speed and the number of accidents occurring and taking recommendations and comments from residents online.

"Could be a wide range of suggestions from lowering the speed limit to widening the road to possibly even putting in some sort of mechanism that forces drivers to slow down," said Parker.

Residents like K'lay Parham rides his bike frequently up and down Broadway. 

"There's no bike lanes and a lot of people drive fast and they really don't care about a bicycle on Broadway. I think they should do Broadway just like they do Main. 

Make a bike lane all the way down and that a way that'll give us two avenues to ride on instead of just Main Street," said Parham. 


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