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Beloved Arkansas pastor dies from COVID-19, wife asks public to take precautions

Bonda and Norm Moyer were diagnosed with coronavirus on March 27. Bonda recovered after 3 days in the hospital, but her husband never made it home.

Brother Norman Moyer died yesterday of COVID-19.  His wife Bonda, who is also a reverend said she wanted the world to know about her husband and the toll COVID-19 has taken on her family.

Both of them were diagnosed on March 27.  Bonda recovered after only 3 days in the hospital. 

But brother Norm, who was 66 years old with an underlying health issue, did not.

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Bonda and a number of friends said Norm was an incredible storyteller and that he always had a joke or a one-liner. They said they will especially miss his clown ministry.  

The couple recently retired from the Methodies church and attended two churches in Conway—Wesley and Saint Peter's.

Bonda told us that Conway Regional lifted its restrictions and allowed patients hospitalized for 7 days or longer to have one visitor per week on a Friday, with strict rules in place.

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That way, Bonda was able to be there with him when he died.

As the state begins to reopen, Bonda wants people to think of Brother Norm and the struggle their family endured, and take necessary precautions to keep this virus from spreading.

Bonda estimates they pastored at more than 15 churches across Arkansas over their 40 years together. June 1st would've been their 41st anniversary.

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