Parents in Southeast DC were on high alert Sunday night after a picture went viral showing a man with his belt unbuckled.

One mother said the man approached three young girls with a knife.

“They were saying ‘Mom. Mom. It’s a guy around the corner with a knife,’ Natasha Robinson told WUSA9.

Robinson was scared to show her face on camera because she is getting threats after posting the picture.

The cellphone photo was taken last Thursday after Robinson’s two daughters and one of their friends got off the bus on Congress Street in Southeast.

WUSA9 decided to blur the man’s face in the photo and not use his name because police have not officially called him a suspect.

According to the incident report, a man approached the young girls, who are between 11 and 13-years-old, saying – “come here baby girl.”

Robinson’s daughters ran home to tell her about it.

“When I pulled up I seen the little girl,” Robinson recalled. “She was on the porch with a guy. He had a knife.”

Robinson described the weapon as a silver pocket knife.

“I mean you are at a little girl’s house. You have a knife. You have her cornered,” she said. “Why are your pants unbuckled?”

Robinson called the police but was not allowed to file a report until Saturday.

“I’m like, nah we can’t let this just slide like this,” DC Ward 8 Councilmember Trayon White said.

Councilman White approached the man in the photo on Facebook live on Saturday.

In the video, the man stated he was in a fight with someone else when the girls walked up and only walked to that young girl’s house to tell her parents about it.

“To explain to them, man, get their daughter, man, for being in my business, man,” the man from the photo said in the Facebook video.

The girl’s mother told White on Facebook Live she does not believe the man would hurt her daughter.

Robinson, however, is not buying into the belief that the alleged incident was one big misunderstanding.

“No. I’m not buying that at all,” she said.

“It’s happening far too often in our community where our young girls are missing, abused, and nothing is done,” White said.