CENTERTON, Ark. — Family members and loved ones gathered in Centerton on Sunday for a vigil in memorial of the victims of a triple murder-suicide in Gravette on Friday.

According to Police, Justin Barnes shot and killed his wife, Inga Barnes, and two sons, Casey and Levi Barnes, before taking his own life. 

Sumer Barnes, the only surviving family member, was at work at the time.

Pebi Elliott taught Sumer at Life Way Christian School and said she is a strong and caring girl.

"It's the perfect moment to say, 'why do bad things happen to good people?'" Elliott said.

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Adrienne Gray, a close friend to the family, said losing someone close to her has been hard, but being by Sumer's side is what is most important.

"That's probably been the hardest heartbreak for me, but being strong for her [Sumer] is my first priority," Gray said. "Her brothers were very caring and very protective of Sumer. They were also very family oriented so every Saturday morning they were there with their mom on the porch talking to her and they were with their dad. They were just always with each other."

Those who are close to Sumer have said the outpouring of love and support during this time has been overwhelming.

"People who don't even know this young woman have really wrapped their arms around her," Elliott said. "She is now Gravette's little daughter and it's very inspiring. We should do more of that."

Now, the community has come together in solidarity to show Sumer they're there for her.

"She will overcome this because she really has a heart of gratefulness for everything and even in this, she is going to find where there is good in that," Elliott said. "She will point it back to God."

The First Baptist Church in Centerton is taking donations to try and help ease financial burdens Sumer may face following this tragedy. The church will be open July 8 through July 11.

A GoFundMe has also been set up to support Sumer.

The content of this article was sourced from our CBS affiliate in Fort Smith, KFSM.