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Freedom Fest brings community together to celebrate

The city of Conway held Freedom Fest on Sunday as a way to bring the community together to celebrate this 4th of July weekend.

CONWAY, Ark — In celebration of Independence Day, families in Conway enjoyed a fantastic fireworks show on Sunday night, while at the city's Freedom Fest

What originally started back in 2015 at Laurel Park with just a few fireworks and some close friends, has grown into a massive turn out for the whole community. 

Freedom Fest was created in collaboration with City Church and the city of Conway. The director of the fest Ragan Huse, said that the festival brought various people together to all celebrate American independence while at Beaver Fork Lake for 2022.

"It's neighbors, it's co-workers, it's people you see at the grocery store, it's friends that you haven't caught up with in a while, it's families that choose to come to be together," said Huse. 

She mentioned that the preparation for the event starts every year on July 5th, which means they work year round to make sure the event is perfect.

Huse also stated that it seems like Freedom Fest always lands on a hot weekend, but regardless of the temperatures the event still draws everybody in. 

The event had tons of food truck vendors, live music and plenty of fun activities for the kids.

Conway resident, Brianna McGhee brought her entire family out to the festival decked out with their own food, lawn chairs, tables and activities so that they could partake in the festivities.

"Conway's just a small town and it's just a good place to be out. It's not too much going on, it's not too much bad stuff and you know it's just a good place to hang out and kick it," said McGee. 

Freedom Fest has definitely been an event that is able to bring the community of Conway together so that the young and old alike can celebrate America's Independence Day.

Emery and Lyla who are both 4-years-old, sat front row near their parents and were extremely excited that they could see the fireworks and listen to the music. 

"No one really cares for the night. It's just unity on the 4th of July holiday. There's something really special about that and it's just, it's Conway," said Huse.

Organizers of the event are proud of the community togetherness that Freedom Fest has brought over the years and hope that it can continue.

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