LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - This year's Giving Tuesday may be coming to an end, but there's one group that hopes your giving spirit will keep going strong.

"Arkansas Adopt A Vet" is a nonprofit organization working to fill the gap in resources.

According to Veterans Affairs, there are about 480 homeless vets around the state.

“Every person underneath that blanket or cardboard is a human being,” said veteran, Michael Morrissey.

Imagine sacrificing everything for your country only to return home to nothing. That is, unfortunately, reality for many.

“The average citizen loves our veterans and wants to help, they just don't know how,” Jacki Bruning said, Managing Board Member for the group.

Arkansas Adopt A Vet was created in 2010, mainly assisting veterans at Fort Roots in North Little Rock.

“Since then we've opened a business in Little Rock and have seen firsthand the homeless veterans in town,” she said.

The group is working to bring Christmas to homeless vets downtown. Bruning considers the homeless vet population unacceptable.

“We see people that look like they're just kicked,” said Bruning. She thinks they deserve better.

"I know there's a lot of people working towards helping with that, but we're not there yet,” she added.

Arkansas Adopt A Vet is accepting donations for coats, toiletries, blankets and more.

“Everything is provided for you in the military and you're expected to do a job 24/7. When you get out, all of that structure leaves,” said Morrissey.

He wants people to know that every veteran you see on the street, isn’t always homeless by choice. Many lack support and skills needed to be successful.

"Financial troubles hit, alcoholism, drug addiction. It's painful. You can walk down the street on any given day and see 20-30 people standing there holding a sign. I'd be willing to bet 50 percent of them, or better, are veterans,” Morrissey said.

Arkansas Adopt A Vet is adding more drop off locations every day and will continue to update their Facebook page. For a full list of locations and necessities visit