CONWAY, Ark. — Most of us haven't even taken down our Christmas decorations yet, but as we all know, Santa is already getting ready for Christmas 2019. The same goes for one Conway man, Eric Lamb, who's known by families as ‘Black Santa’.

We first introduced you to Lamb in November to talk about his Christmas Miracle Ministry he started four years ago. He buys, wraps and delivers gifts to kids all across the state. Now with the new year here, he isn’t wasting any time getting ready for next Christmas.

“I spend my New Year Day doing this," Lamb said as he put away toys in his storage unit.

Lamb and his son, Naylin Lamb shopped for and put away toys, clothes and wrapping paper for Christmas 2019 on Jan. 1.

“Santa don’t take breaks,” Lamb laughed.

Lamb tells us he does this every year because God told him to.

“I don’t take credit for any of it. I’m just a willing servant doing his will," Lamb said.

Next Christmas will be the fifth year of his Christmas Miracle Ministry.

“I started off the first year 65 kids, second year 95 kids," Lamb said. “God has really done some miracles this year.”

This past Christmas ended up bigger than he ever imagined.

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“I was at 150 kids, that’s what I had applications on, but after I was on Channel 11, I had so many people reaching out to me. At first I was like ‘No I don’t have any more room,’ but then God woke me up again at 3 in the morning and said ‘No you have to take them,’" Lamb said.

He delivered gifts to 235 kids in Arkansas, plus a few outside the state and in Mexico.

“Every family that hit me up, God made a way and I had so many people that not only needed help, but so many people that gave donations," Lamb said.

This past Christmas, Lamb told us a huge help was Bale Chevrolet, who let him borrow a truck to deliver the gifts.

“Plus they fill it with gas for me every week," Lamb said.

He supports the ministry through his own funds, some donations and selling plate lunches from March to December. He does this during his off time, as he also has a full-time job.

"This man here is a hard worker. He never stops, has always on the go, and whatever deal he can find, has going to go after it," Naylin Lamb said.

He doesn’t know exactly what is in store for this upcoming Christmas, but Lamb knows he is going to put his all into making sure every kid he can reach, has gifts on Christmas morning.

“I don’t know what God have in store, probably going to be at least 300," Lamb said.

If you want to help, Lamb said now is the time since there are so many after Christmas sales. He’ll take any new toys, clothes or wrapping paper.

You can find his information on his ministry Facebook page.