The King of the Hill… Crystal Hill

The Craig O’Neill Reading Roadtrip came to Crystal Hill Elementary on Tuesday.

Craig read to excited second graders about a little girl named Rosie, who learns the valuable lesson of kindness and consideration, and fighting through jealous feelings. It’s all contained in the book “Rosie Sprout’s Time To Shine.”

Conveying the joy of reading and reasoning and developing a strong relationship with books impacts a child’s life in so many areas. Second grade is a key stage because it’s here that children can develop good, strong reading habits that will carry them throughout their school years.

For this to work, it’s going to take a lot of people. We are always looking for mentors, adults who can read to one or two children in first, second, or third grades, two hours a week. The organization putting together this army of world changers is ARKIDS READ.

If you’d like to join our reading army, click here.