LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - It takes time and money for people to get back on their feet; even if they are newly employed. Spending on food is lower on the priority list than deposits for rent and transportation.

And that desperate need for food is evident in the number of requests for food boxes and meals at the Little Rock Compassion Center. In fact, the need becomes clearer as the shelves of the food panty at the Center are emptied every day.

The Little Rock Compassion Center is a nonprofit organization providing homeless, disadvantaged and chemically dependent people with food and clothing, as well as Biblical counseling, guidance and most importantly, the gift of HOPE. The Little Rock Compassion Center is privately funded by caring individuals and businesses.

The Compassion Center has always served up 500 meals to the homeless each day. But in recent weeks, the number of meals needed and served has increased to between 600 and 700 per day. In addition, more than 1,000 meals are distributed in food boxes for those who are poor, but not living on the streets.

As a result of the pressing food needs in this community, the Compassion Center is asking for donations of non-perishable food.

There is a need for canned vegetables for individual and family food boxes along with larger institutional sized cans for hot meal preparation.

The Center could also use other essential foods like pasta, dried beans and rice. Protein-rich canned meats, tuna and other easy to prepare items complete the food list. Another on-going need is for disposable diapers and necessary hygiene items like toilet paper, soap and shampoo.

We invite groups to make the Compassion Center their way to directly help the poor.

Obviously, anyone who has access to other important foodstuffs like meat, cheese, eggs, etc. should not hesitate to give the Compassion Center a call. They need every kind of help.

To donate or to volunteer to help, call 501-296-9114.

You can donate every day during normal business hours at Little Rock Compassion Center on W. Roosevelt Road in Little Rock, Arkansas.