LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Seven-year-old Kyleigh McGee is going into her second year in the food truck business.

“I have 100% fun doing this because it's fun to make the snow cones, nachos and lemonade,” McGee said.

Last year, we interviewed Kyleigh about her signature pineapple snow cones and, after that, she hit the big time.

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“We did an interview with Good Morning America after we went viral on the news last year, we did a documentary with 60 Seconds, we've had so many people share her story like even Steve Harvey and even reality shows,” McGee’s mom said.

Since then, Kyleigh decided to share the love, she wanted to give other kids in her community the same opportunity she was given.

With the help from Kyleigh’s Lemonade stand, Kyleigh Williams was able to open, “Ky’s Pop Shoppe.” McGee helped Williams get a wooden stand to start her baking business.

“We have popcorn, pound cakes, bonnet cakes, cookies, brownies, and cupcakes,” she said.

Business is booming for both the Pop Shoppe and the Kyleigh’s lemonade stand.

Mother of Kyleigh McGee, Gabrielle Williams, and mother of Kyleigh Williams, Brittany Holley said starting their kids out young will prepare them more for the future.

“When we started out it was just a learning opportunity and teaching her responsibilities and it was giving her the opportunity to learn how to count and save money, and now she's learning how to run a business,” they said.

McGee and her mom are also helping two more girls with another bake shop stand and a lip gloss stand.