LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — If you live in Little Rock, gone are the days you could dump old furniture or yard trash at your curb and have the city pick it up for free.

The city’s 311 bulky item pick-up program has a new $25 fee.

"I've used 311 many times,” said Linda Vanblaricom, a Little Rock woman. “It’s just a great way to contact the city.”

But, questions arose after Linda learned about the latest fee for the service.

"I think it needs to be looked at very carefully,” Vanblaricom said.

In 2020, the city began charging the fee after the first free pick-up. Until then, it had been free every time.

"I don't necessarily like it,” said Carol Isom, a Little Rock woman.

The fee comes based on an ordinance passed in 2019, a change to solid waste rates to provide funding for continued operation.

Based on data from last year, nearly 39% of customers used the call service, and in total, they had over 45,000 pick-ups.  

"I know that it cost more man power for the city and that we all have a budget we have to live with,” Isom said.

The bulky item pickup service is for large items or things that are too heavy for normal trash service.

After your first free use, each additional pickup costs $25 for two cubic yards, and $10 for each yard above that.

That fee will be added to your monthly solid waste bill.

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