Kesha Cobb wants her voice to be heard.

"I'm passionate about homelessness and ending it," Cobb said.

She's one of many providers of services for the homeless in the state hoping to bridge the gap between shelters and those without a roof over their heads.

Cobb knows how difficult the journey to finding a home can be.

"Homelessness looks like me a lot of times. Homelessness may look like you or a friend and a lot of people may keep that to themselves," Cobb said.

The Arkansas Homeless Coalition, the Central Arkansas ReEntry Coalition and several other organizations met to discuss shelter options in central Arkansas.

With only one shelter in Little Rock, options are slim.

"It's important to keep the community involved because homelessness impacts all of us; regardless if it's a family member, regardless if it's just someone who's in your community," Pulaski County Director of Community Services Fredrick Love said.

Recent flooding made matters worse for people facing homelessness, so this meeting was especially important right now.

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"Flooding happened and we said 'Well, if this does not emphasize the need for people to have a safe place to be, then nothing does," Arkansas Homeless Coalition president Sandra Wilson said.

People living along the river in tent camps and vacant buildings have been washed out of the only places they could sleep.

"We're trying to find great sheltering options for our homelessness so that we can actually reintroduce them into society, so that they can become productive individuals just like everyone else," Love said.

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The meeting didn't result in immediate solutions to the lack of shelter options, but the discussion created a foundation of ideas to build on.

"From facing homelessness and threat of homelessness to leaning on my background and my education in real-estate, I became a homeowner free and clear about three years ago and it has completely changed my life. So now, I'm passionate about helping others do that through home ownership," Cobb said.