SEARCY, Ark. (KTHV) - Children everywhere enjoy the sights and sounds of the holiday season, but some children need a place to enjoy these traditions in a different way.

An addition to a park in Searcy was designed especially for children with disabilities. First Security Bank’s Vice President of Marketing, Kristi Thurmon, said her colleagues raise money for a cause every year.

“We wanted to see the project and have something that would be great for our community,” Thurmon said.

She saw what’s called a ‘sensory park’ in Harris, Texas. It has unique features designed for children with sensory disabilities. These can affect things like sight, hearing and touch.

“We want to make sure that every child of every age and ability is able to have in our parks,” Thurmon said.

With the help of several partners, the Sensory Play Trail was created at Searcy’s Berryhill Park.

“We contacted the Sunshine School here in Searcy to talk about what kind of play equipment they would be able to use for the children with special needs and they approved,” Thurmon said.

“It’s obviously amazing to provide more for our citizens and the fact that it didn’t come from within our department that it came from volunteers.” Searcy Parks and Recreation Director Mike Parsons said.

The hands that helped are excited to see children enjoy a place just for them this holiday season.

“This day in age there’s so many children are affected in so many different ways and can’t do things other children are able to do. So, to provide a safe place they can come out with their whole family and everybody enjoy the same things is what it’s all about,” Parsons said.

The first phase of the walk was completed in November. As donations come in, the Parks and Rec. Department will continue expanding it.