A Kansas City Chiefs player returned home to central Arkansas to give back to his community this Thanksgiving.

Tight end Demetrius Harris was born and raised in Jacksonville and graduated from Jacksonville High School in 2009. On Monday, he bought and handed out more than 100 turkeys and 100 hams to families in need at Jacksonville High and McAlmont Park.

“It’s giving back to where I went to school and where I was from,” Harris said. “This is the first year. I was actually just sitting around just like, ‘I want to give back.’ I didn’t think it would turn out like this but it turned out nice.”

Hundreds of people waited hours in line to get a Thanksgiving meat from Harris.

Harris played against the Giants in New York Sunday, but drove overnight from Kansas City to hand deliver the meals to every family.

“I’m just happy to be here and I’m happy that I’m doing it. It’s just a great feeling,” he said.

Officer Tommy Norman also came to help Harris hand out the Thanksgiving favorites.

"The fact that he played in New York last night, he's in Arkansas today and he's giving back to hundreds of people in central Arkansas; that really speaks a lot for him,” Norman said. “Not just as an NFL football player, but as someone who's really showing his heart and giving back to the area he grew up.”

Harris said he felt the need to give back because his community helped raise him to be who he is today.

“I know a lot of families out there can’t afford it or don't have two parent homes. I know when I was growing up I didn't have that. I'm just trying to do what I didn’t have to people that I know in the communities,” Harris said.

Thanks to Harris, dozens of families now have a guaranteed meal this Thanksgiving.

"The line is as far as you can see outside and Demetrius he kept his word. He promised he would be here to give back and it's absolutely amazing," Norman said.

Harris also went over to the Salvation Army in Little Rock to feed over 150 people. He said he plans on giving back in Jacksonville every Thanksgiving from now on.