A large group of the community closed down Spring Street in Little Rock during a protest Tuesday afternoon.

The Little Rock Police Department was notified of the protest at the Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, which is located on South Spring Street. 

During the protest a portion of 3rd Street was reportedly blocked by protesters, not allowing traffic to travel in the area. 

According to an LRPD spokesperson, officers provided multiple verbal warnings for protestors to return to the sidewalk and to exit the roadway. 

After they were given the warnings, the protestors returned to the sidewalk and began walking towards Broadway Street, where they continued walking "in a manner that impeded traffic flow."

Once the protestors walked north on Broadway Street, they proceded to continue blocking traffic by walking in front of cars when there was a green light.

According to the police department, the decision was made by the city administration that the protestors would not be allowed to disrupt traffic and for them to be arrested.

A total of 10 protestors were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. One of the protestors that was arrested said they felt ill and medical personnel responded to Pulaski County Jail and then was processed.

According to Rizelle Aaron, past president of the NAACP in Arkansas and Blackshire’s uncle, the group was protesting for justice for the death of Bradley Blackshire and overall criminal reform.

"This is a continued effort to bring justice, not just for Bradley and our family but every family that has been victimized by bad police officers," Aaron said.

The group also called upon Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney Larry Jegley, who announced last month that he would not bring criminal charges against Starks, deciding that his use of deadly force was justified.

"They can't continue to protect bad police officers," Aaron said, holding a sign calling the prosecuting attorney a coward.

Aaron said the group plans to protest every one to two weeks.

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