What if you could convince someone to take your place at work on Christmas Day?

Well, it's something these local Jewish community volunteers have been doing for 43 years at Moses Cone Hospital.

Over 145 volunteers work over the holiday so Christian health care workers and volunteers can spend Christmas Day with their families.

The volunteers take over jobs like preparing meals in the cafeteria, staffing the information desks and working in the hospital gift shop.

The act of kindness fulfills one of the main principles of Jewish faith – performing a mitzvah.

“A mitzvah or mitzvot which is plural, is actually fulfilling a commandment to serve and that's exactly what we're doing, we're fulfilling a commandment, or an obligation as we call it, to serve,” said David Frazier, Volunteer Coordinator for Jewish Family Services of Greensboro.

For many, like Linda and Jerry Wearb, it’s become part of their holiday tradition.

“It makes us feel really good that we’re giving back to the community,” Wearb said. “We’ve been doing this to give them that feeling of being together with their families.”

David and his wife Susan Gutterman have also volunteered many Christmas days at the hospital, and says it reminds them of the meaning of the season.

"We all know, if everybody did just small acts of kindness together, we could make a very big difference," Gutterman said. "The opportunities are there everyday to do this sort of thing."

The event is coordinated through Jewish Family Services of Greensboro and Cone Health Volunteers Services Department every year.