PINE BLUFF, Ark. — The National Weather Service confirmed an EF-1 tornado ripped through Pine Bluff Wednesday evening, which displaced 74 families from their homes.

There’s not much left of the Myranda’s Place Apartment Complex as debris lay scattered everywhere.

The families who lost everything wonder what comes next.

“We lost it all,” said Lakeisha Kearney, a pregnant woman impacted by the damage.

The building Kearney lived in collapsed. The top floor fell onto the bottom floor, even trapping one man.

"I’m just kind of sad about me being pregnant and not having a roof over both of our heads,” said Kearney. “I’m just sitting here. Every time I look at this, it brings tears to my eyes.”

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The walls made of bricks that once kept Kearney safe are now piles of bricks swept up by cleaning crews.

People who heard the storm roll through said it sounded like a war zone.

"You heard things start falling in the building like bam,” said Deshaun McFarland. “It sounded like things were blowing up. I’m just thanking God I’m alive.”

It didn’t take long after impact for strangers coming from all around to start offering up a lending hand.

"You see people from their towns coming to help others,” said McFarland. “The Red Cross is here, Salvation Army is here. There was a man that came out to help from Redfield.”

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People brought food, offered up their homes for a place to stay, helped secure personal items from the apartment buildings, and lent a shoulder to cry on.

"Good friends, good family, everyone has been trying to help me,” said Kearney. “I don’t understand, but God’s got me. I'll be somewhere safe tonight, if it's not with family, it'll be somewhere."