MAUMELLE, Ark. — Controversy grows and so does push back in Maumelle over the temporary exit out of Short Marche Road.

Pulaski County plans to close the Short Marche connection to White Oak Crossing when the new I-40 interchange opens in November.

It was open specifically to help with construction of the interchange, but now people living there are petitioning against its closure.

Ellen Baxter is the ring leader behind the petition to keep the road open and she's still fighting.

County Judge Barry Hyde said for Short Marche to stay open, 100% of landowners fronting the street must sign the petition.

But, as time inches closer to the petition due date, there's still required signatures not on it.

“There's five people who don't want to sign the petition out of thirty,” said Baxter. "I don't see why the majority doesn't win on this. I don't think they want to fix the roads.”

Terry Foster has lived on Short Marche for 33 years and believes keeping the road open on both ends will fix an on-going problem that existed well before the exit point temporarily opened.

“The roads flood down here," said Foster. "We can't leave if there's only one way out because we live on the other side of the bayou. I’ve been blocked in several times.”

Others living in the area said closing it again creates a headache.

Jeanette Morgan said with the exit point closed, her trip to Walmart goes from 4 minutes back to 25 minutes.

She said it's inconvenient and worrisome when time matters.

"I needed an ambulance when the Arkansas River came up back in May,” said Morgan. “But if it's barricaded, the ambulances, fire, sheriff, nobody can go through. So they have to go all the way around and come out on the other side.”

Baxter said she hopes the judge will budge come Friday when she takes the petition back to his office.

"We need access,” said Baxter. “We need access on both ends of this road."

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