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Sherwood community remembers teens killed in car wreck

The Sherwood community is in mourning after a tragic car accident took the lives of two Sylvan Hills High School students and three alumni.

SHERWOOD, Ark. — The Sherwood community is grieving after two current and three former Sylvan Hills students died in a car crash over the weekend.

The two current students worked at The Humble Crumb Bakery, and the owners have chosen to close their business for the next two weeks to regroup and grieve.

"They were best friends and they just had so much fun together and really enjoyed each other," The Humble Crumb co-owner, Betsy Peters said.

Betsy and Ruth Peters own The Humble Crumb Bakery in Sherwood. 

They said students  Ava Luplow and Suzy Prime lit up the room and will be remembered for their strong faith. 

The girls started working there at 15 and 16 years old. 

"There were five girls in my Bible study and they are two of them. And they faithfully attended every week. They if there's one thing they wanted, it was to live for the Lord," Betsy said.

The students died in a car wreck on Sunday, while coming back to Arkansas from a college visit in Wyoming. 

"We're all nervous about what it's like, what's it going to be like without them," Betsy added.

Betsy and Ruth are both holding onto happy memories during this sad time.

"They posted just so many videos and pictures and TikToks, and all these, just having the time of their lives, like, and so all these families have this treasure of knowing that the last week of their lives were just so special," Betsy explained. 

Some of Suzy and Ava's family also work at the bakery, so Ruth said it will be challenging for all of them to move forward— but they're finding some comfort in the sadness.

"You look over and you see where they sat in church, and that seat is empty, you know, we will look in the kitchen, and we'll see Suzy's not in her usual space, you know, and, of course, it's going to be hard for us, but somehow through it, we know God's care," Ruth said.

They said support from the school, their church, and the whole community has made this difficult time a little bit easier. 

"Even customers from the bakery have gone to our church to like, give $20 You know, they just want to like help or give money to the families or bring flowers," Betsy said.

Betsy and Ruth said they'll keep leaning on their faith to heal. 

 "We are feeling God's care," Ruth shared.

The other three recent Sylvan Hills graduates killed in the wreck include Andrea Prime, Salomon Correa, and Maggie Franco.

Sylvan Hills High School has planned a balloon release on Thursday night at 5:00 p.m. to remember and honor the students.

The funeral for all five is set for February 4th at Sylvan Hills High School.

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