LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - This time of year is known as the season of giving and, unfortunately, scam artists are also well aware of that. The Better Business Bureau wants to encourage all givers to watch out for scams tomorrow.

It's important that you make sure any donations you give are benefiting a trustworthy source. It’s simple: do your research, especially when donating online or by phone.

“There was a charity scam where someone lost $10,000,” said Mike Rohrer, VP of Business Development at BBB Arkansas.

The BBB scam tracker can be used to help you find secure charitable organizations.

“Know that the number you're texting, or where you're going online through your computer, has a secure link. Make sure you know where that money is going,” Rohrer said.

He notes that you should watch out for copycats and make sure your charity of choice has only one identity. Also, steer clear of groups that won't disclose information you ask for.

“You don't want to donate $100.00 only to find out $99.00 went to administrative cost and only $1.000 went to the cause. It's good to look at that and see what portions are actually going to the cause,” he added.

Make sure your money is being used exactly as the charity promotes.

“Of all the money we collect, 93 cent of every dollar goes towards our programs that help feed hungry families,” said Tyler Lindsey, Communication Director at the Arkansas Foodbank.

The group is just one of many reputable organizations accepting donations Tuesday.

“It's a day that we look forward to throughout the year and it’s always one of our biggest online donation days. Tomorrow we have the goal to raise 200,000 meals, so we're hoping to raise $40,000 online,” Lindsey said.

The food bank will price match every dollar donated for 10 meals. They're on track to providing 26 million pounds of food by the end the year.

"Normally we provide 5 meals, so your dollar will be stretched that much further and contribution doubled,” added Lindsey.

Giving Tuesday has been celebrated every Tuesday after Thanksgiving since 2012.

To find reputable charities near you or to verify one you've got in mind visit .