WARD, Ark. (KTHV)- Ward community members feel they're being ripped off on their water bills.

Brooke Rea said she expected her bill to go back down after summer but instead it jumped to $120 for the month of September.

“March to May was $70, then it jumped up to $96 in June, and it stayed that way in August. That bill was normal because we had a pool and we had the water hose running,” she said.

“This past month it was $200, it said that we used 11,200 gallons and our normal usage is around 3,000-5,000 gallons,” she said.

Rea isn't the only one that’s voicing her concerns. In an online Facebook group called Ward Water Sewer Concerns, there are close to 200 members and hundreds of complaints from community members. The members are complaining their water bills sky rocketed for no reason.

The Mayor of Ward said there's nothing wrong with their water bills, and that their water bills combine water, sewer, and trash. He said they've had complaints before and they have been investigated by the attorney general’s office and they passed inspection.

Rea said the city told her that she must have a water leak and it was up to her to fix it so her landlord, Sean Coker, had a plumber come out to check the house.

“He checked everything and turned the meter off for ten minutes and it wasn't spinning so there was no sign of a leak and the ground was dry. The plumber had no explanation as to why it was that much,’ Rea said.

Rea feels the city should shave off the extra money she says she was charged.

“They should charge me for the water we used and not for a mistake that no one knows what happened,” she said.

You can contact the Ward City Hall and the water department at 501-843-7686.

You can contact the Attorney General’s office at 800-482-8982 or you can visit their website by clicking here.