CONWAY, Ark. — The city of Conway is taking steps to make sure heavy rain does not flood roads or properties with the potential for incoming rain.

Improving drainage issues is a huge priority right now for Conway Mayor Bart Castleberry. Bobby Kelly, a spokesperson for the city, said the city's creeks haven't been cleared since 2000.

"What happens over time is you get trees and shrubs that grows into the drainage creek itself and impedes that flow of water,” Kelly said.

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Kelly said this has caused major drainage issues in the city, causing community buildings like the McGhee Center to flood. Kelly said crews are at work clearing out Spring Creek. The almost two-mile long creek is packed with sticks and garbage.

"Anything that's getting in the way of that stormwater runoff getting to the Arkansas River or getting to Lake Conway, we want to get rid of that,” Kelly said.

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Kelly said work on Tucker and Main Creek is already completed. But the goal is to clear out every creek in the city to make sure there are not any issues when flash flooding hits.

"Drainage has been an issue in the past and we're going to do everything we can to solve it,” he said.

Kelly said the work that's already been done will help with the potential rain this weekend. Spring Creek will be completed next year.