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Arkansas driver reportedly snorted cocaine during police chase to hide drugs

Deputies say they also immediately located 63 pills, which gave a positive field test for Fentanyl.

JOHNSON COUNTY, ARKANSAS, Ark. — According to the Johnson County Sheriff's Office, a deputy attempted to stop a vehicle driving westbound on I-40 near the Franklin County line earlier this month.

Police began a pursuit of the driver after the suspect failed to stop, with the driver throwing several items from the vehicle as authorities pursued it.

Deputies say the driver eventually turned down a dead-end road, where they were cornered and two people were immediately detained.

The driver was identified as a parolee from Fayetteville, who was currently out on bond for other drug charges and had a revoked license.

Deputies say they immediately located 63 pills, which gave a positive field test for Fentanyl. 

In addition, they found out the driver had been actively "snorting" cocaine during the pursuit in an attempt to discard of the evidence. The driver requested medical treatment for this. 

Deputies also found one of the earlier bags thrown from the vehicle located on the roadside. It was covered in a white powder substance believed to be cocaine.

The passenger was not arrested, as they had reportedly been held against their will inside the vehicle.

The suspect was charged with felony charges of Fleeing, Possession of Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver, Drug Paraphernalia and False Imprisonment. He was also charged with misdemeanor charges of Driving While Revoked, Reckless Driving, Tampering with Evidence and No Insurance. He was also placed on a Parole hold.

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