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Arkansas used car dealership sued for allegedly scamming consumers

“Best Ride Auto Sales took advantage of hardworking Arkansans . . . Bad actors like this will be held accountable if they use tricks to line their pockets."

SHERWOOD, Ark. — (Eds. note: The attached video is from Dec. 2020, concerning an uptick in jury duty scams.)

The owners of Best Ride Auto Sales in Sherwood, Cedric Bunn and Xavier Raino, are now facing a lawsuit according to Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge.

The lawsuit alleges the used car dealership did not give vehicle titles to their consumers at the time of purchase, which is required by law.

According to Rutledge, the company violated the Arkansas Deceptive Trade Practices Act (ADTPA), the Used Motor Vehicle Protection Act (UMVPA), and the Motor Vehicle Administration, Certificate of Title, and Antitheft Act.

“Best Ride Auto Sales took advantage of hardworking Arkansans and I won’t tolerate it,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “Bad actors like this will be held accountable if they use tricks to line their pockets.”

The lawsuit also alleges that Bunn and Raino bought used cars at auctions for resale and then listed those cars for sale before getting the title from the auctions.

Within three years, at least 100 car titles weren't delivered. They also failed to display in the window whether the car is sold "as is" or with a warranty. 

The Arkansas Attorney General's Office says they received 33 consumer complaints, three complaints from the Better Business Bureau, and three complaints from Arkansas State Police.

The AG's Office said consumers routinely complained about not getting their car's title and not being able to legally drive it because they couldn't register it or get it covered by insurance. Many also reported their vehicles breaking down or becoming unsafe shortly after the sale. They then were unable to resale the car, even to a salvage yard, because they didn't have the title.

Bunn and Raino face up to $10,000 fines for each violation of the ADTPA.

For more tips to help avoid falling victim to bad actors, or to file a consumer-related claim with the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office, call (800) 482-8982, email consumer@arkansasag.gov or visit arkansasag.gov.

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