JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A family is trying to find out what happened after Destiny Dennis, 21, was killed in Jacksonville, Florida.

Dennis' mother, Emily Anne Martin, said Destiny lived in Arkansas, had a 6-month-old daughter and was just passing through Jacksonville.

She died on Jan. 4. 

Dennis is listed as the third murder victim in Jacksonville, Florida in 2019. 

“Destiny was a very loving person very kindhearted, help anybody she could, strong-willed, liked to do things her way,” Martin said. "But she was a pretty good judge of character."

Many have taken to social media to express their condolences and share their thoughts. She also leaves behind nine brothers and one sister.

“A beautiful six-month-old baby girl, holding her now,” said Martin. "And she’ll never get the chance to know her mother like we knew her."

Her mother said her daughter died as a result of a possible robbery attempt at a gas station early last Friday in Jacksonville.

Meanwhile, Dennis’ family is holding out hope for justice.

“It would be a relief because we would know what happened to her and that the person who did it would be held accountable,” said Martin. "However, it’s still not going to bring my baby back but I would like to know what happened."

We’re working to learn more about the circumstances of her death.