BRYANT, Ark. — Bryant Police Department released that Bryant Bethel Middle School teacher Alex Joseph was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with computer exploitation of a child. 

According to the release, 23-year-old Joseph was arrested at Bethel Middle before school started. 

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He admitted to investigators that he solicited sexual photos from a 13-year-old boy. 

Bryant Public Schools has addressed the situation with the following statement: 

"A new teacher was arrested on the Bethel Middle School campus prior to the start of the school day after Bryant School personnel contacted the Bryant Police Department with information about the teacher. According to a press release from the Bryant Police Department, the teacher is being charged with Computer Exploitation of a Child.

At this time, we have no evidence that the alleged conduct involved physical contact with minors.

The district is cooperating fully with the law enforcement investigation. The Bryant School District will address this allegation as a personnel matter.

We are committed to the safety of our students and expect all staff to adhere to the highest ethical practices and conduct. The safety and security of our students is our highest priority.

We encourage all parents and students to report concerning or inappropriate behavior to school administrators."

The investigation is still ongoing, but Joseph was taken into custody. 

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More on this as it develops.