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Thieves damage air conditioning units at North Little Rock veterinarian clinic

As the temperatures continue to climb, one North Little Rock veterinarian clinic has been left with an annoying and expensive problem.

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The Park Hill Pet Clinic in North Little Rock is dealing with an issue nobody wants to face — no air conditioning as temperatures continue to rise in Arkansas.

"Yesterday was hot [and] today feels a little more uncomfortable than yesterday," Nikki Tate with the clinic said. "Irritated, confused, annoyed."

Someone damaged the Park Hill Pet Clinic's air conditioning units sometime between closing on June 5 and Tuesday morning. Tate said her best guess is that whoever did it could have been after copper wiring.

"Now we're gonna be here without air for the whole day, and these animals come in and out of the clinic," Tate said. "It messes up the whole day for everybody involved."

There's no air moving inside the building, leaving it stiflingly hot.

"There's not a lot of space," Tate said. "Once the animals and people are in there, it gets very uncomfortable for everybody."

It's been so uncomfortable that they've been closing early and cannot board animals. Tate said they had North Little Rock police out to investigate what happened.

There are no cameras outside the clinic, and cameras around the neighboring Hilltop Inn don't show a clear video of what happened.

"They can see over here, but we really can't make out anything," Tate said. "It wasn't a whole lot of help."

Tate said they've already purchased cameras for the exterior of their building.

Repairs will likely cost thousands of dollars, and while they've called repair companies to fix the damage, Tate said companies had told them that they're unable to help right now due to an increase in customers.

It's a frustrating situation with pets and people waiting for a fix.

"If they've been waiting to see us or even if they haven't been waiting to see us, this was a priority to them," Tate said. "We weren't able to fulfill that."

We've contacted the North Little Rock Police Department for more information. We will update this story when additional details are released.

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