LONOKE COUNTY, Ark. — Lonoke County Sheriff's investigators say the streets are safer as a man accused of impersonating a police officer sits behind bars.

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Jeremy Kurck, 37, faces multiple charges following a Friday arrest in Cabot.

"There's a high suspicion that [Kurck] is making traffic stops or encountering the public posing as a police officer," Lt. Matthew Edwards of the Lonoke County Sheriff's Office said.

Edwards, Sheriff John Staley and another investigator were searching for a suspect wanted for an unrelated offense when they came up behind a black truck with "K9 handler" markings at the intersection of Pine Street and Mt. Carmel Road.

"It's very similar to some unmarked vehicles the sheriff's office may have," Edwards said.

The truck was equipped with a siren and green, amber and red lights, according to Edwards.

The driver, later identified as Kurck, turned on the lights and siren and took off driving down Pine Street in the center turn lane, according to investigators.

"We paced this vehicle doing 90 mph in the turn lane right through city traffic," Edwards said.

Detectives and the Sheriff activated their emergency lights and sirens and stopped the truck about two miles down Pine Street, near its intersection with Francis Street.

"It struck us to what was going on," Edwards said. "If someone needed help, we were going to assist that individual but, he wasn't going anywhere. [Kurck] identified himself as a process server and he was needing to get somewhere quick, which you don't do. That's against the law."

Kurck was wearing a black polo, khaki pants, and a badge.

"He was wearing clothes that look like some of my investigators would wear," Edwards said.

Authorities found a taser, body camera, pepper spray, baton and handcuffs inside the truck, which was outfitted with a portable radio, dash camera and speed radar.

"The only reason why someone would have a reason to have a radar unit in their vehicle -- to see how fast someone was going -- is to pull them over," Edwards said.

Lonoke County investigators plan to execute a search warrant on the truck and video recorders. They say Kurck has a criminal history and is known by other law enforcement agencies.

Edwards asked anyone who may have been pulled over by Kurck to call the Lonoke County Sheriff's Office at 501-676-3001.

"When you get pulled over, you're nervous. But when you get pulled over by an unmarked vehicle sometimes you're a little bit skeptic if it's law enforcement or not," Edwards said. "If it's blue lights, it's a good chance it's going to be law enforcement. But if you're worried if it's going to be an imposter or not, you can call 911," he said.

Kurck is in the Lonoke County Jail without bond and faces the following charges:

  • Criminal impersonation
  • Criminal use of a prohibited weapon
  • Reckless driving
  • Speeding
  • Improper passing
  • Improper use of a turn lane

His first court appearance is scheduled for Monday morning.

On Saturday, THV11 confirmed that Kurck lives in Jacksonville and works as a dog obedience trainer.