WOODRUFF COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) — Almost a dozen animals on a family farm in Woodruff County were slaughtered.

Last Friday, William Wiggins and his family went to check on their farm animals, a typical morning routine for them, but what they found was an image straight out of a horror movie.

“There was blood all over the pasture. I crawled across the fence and saw the first animal and something bad had happened to it and we started crying because we knew they were all dead,” Wiggins said.

There were a total of 10 animals that were killed; eight goats, one alpaca and one calf. All 10 animals were attacked in multiple ways, including injuries to their necks and legs.

“It just makes you sad and it's hard to take in,” he said.

However there was one goat that survived the attack. Wiggins said he's getting better every day.

“I always look to the good side of people and I think this is somebody that just didn't know what they were doing and that's how I'm coping and living through this incident,” Wiggins said.

Woodruff County Sheriff, Phil Reynolds, said they've set up a reward fund and want the public to come forward with any tips.

“What we've done is set up a fund at Merchants and Planters bank in McCrory and it's called the Wiggins reward fund. People can contact Merchants and Planters bank if they want to make a donation to help catch the people that did this crime,” he said.

As for the Wiggins, they're thankful they still have some of their animals.

“We have to come over here and check on the animals but it's not the same as before,” he said.

If you have any tips or know who did this, call the Woodruff County Sheriff's Department at (870) 347-2583.