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FedEx driver allegedly dumps packages in Mayflower

According to Mayflower Police, the driver is being charged with six counts of theft.

MAYFLOWER, Ark. — A FedEx worker is facing theft charges after allegedly dumping people's packages in Mayflower.

It's the latest development in an investigation between the Mayflower Police Department and FedEx. 

"You could tell that they weren't just kicked off a truck or something they had been intentionally placed," said Detective Taylor Decker with Mayflower PD.

Detective Decker said that a FedEx driver had left packages at the old Paintball Arkansas location on North Main Street at least four times since mid-October. 

"Seems that when he took the packages off, those were the last ones of the day, and it would have taken him some time to deliver them. So instead, he put them here," Detective Decker explained.

Detective Decker said that they patrol the area often, and when an officer found packages the first couple of times, he brought them to the right addresses. 

"Once I found the third set of packages, we put out a camera helps to try to catch whoever was doing it," he said.

That's when they opened an investigation with FedEx. 

"We pushed everything to our Prosecuting Attorney who approved six counts of theft of property," he said.

He said that the department has almost a dozen dumped packages, but there were originally more than that. 

"There were several pedestrians that stopped and grabbed the packages up before we could ever get to him. So that's why we only have six charges," he added.

He said to keep an eye out this holiday season and at all times of the year for package thefts. 

"Buy insurance on your stuff. Always. If you can't ship something with insurance on it, I wouldn't ship it. Because you just cannot guarantee that it's gonna get to you," he said.

Investigators know who the suspect is and have a warrant out for his arrest.

FedEx said that the driver is no longer providing service on behalf of FedEx Ground and called the incident quote "unacceptable."

Police added that if your package doesn't arrive, you're encouraged to reach out to your shipping company.

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