MELBOURNE, Fla. -- Coughing did not help this Fort Pierce man get off his charges.

Melbourne police arrested Tyrone Mack, 25, on Tuesday after they say he choked on his stash during a traffic stop.

Mack is being charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, destruction of evidence, resisting arrest, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He has been released from the Brevard County Jail on $12,500 bond.

Just after 9 a.m. Tuesday, police pulled over a driver for speeding through a school zone in front of Stone Middle School in Melbourne. The officer observed the driver was not wearing a seat belt and that the vehicle's tags were expired, according to reports.

After initiating the stop, police say the driver -- later identified as Mack -- rolled through a stop sign and swerved abruptly before stopping in the grass in the 3000 block of Plummer Circle. Police could see Mack leaning back and forth and quickly bringing his hands to his mouth.

An officer approached the vehicle and attempted to open the driver's side door. When he did so, Mack forced it open with his arm and leg, reports state. The door struck the officer and knocked him off-balance.

As police attempted to subdue the suspect, they say Mack had something in his mouth and was quickly chewing. When he attempted to swallow, he leaned forward and began coughing loudly, scattering bits of a green substance on his shirt, police said.

Mack then told police he had just "choked on the weed," reports state.

The substance tested positive for THC, the active chemical in marijuana, according to an arrest report. A search of the vehicle turned up a quantity of cash and a small plastic bag, which also tested positive for THC.

Police took the suspect to Holmes Regional for medical clearance before turning him over to the Brevard County Sheriff's Office.