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Three arrested after 18 guns, more than 450 rounds of ammo stolen from Arkansas State Fairgrounds

Little Rock police announced on Jan. 29 they have arrested Kaleb Barnett, Vincent Cantu, and Matthew Thomas for the gun thefts.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — According to the Little Rock Police Department, officers responded to the Little Rock Fairgrounds in the early morning hours of January 3 regarding a burglary.

Upon arrival, police observed the back door of the gun show was opened and that the chain was broken. 

Fairground security cameras captured the burglar on camera going through several vendors' booths at the back of the building. Police found a rifle and rifle parts scattered across the floor, as well as several items misplaced.

Officers located a sheet behind the building. Within the sheet were two drum magazines, an AK-47 40-round magazine, and an AR-15 pistol brace.

Officers then asked security to have the vendors collect inventory to see what was stolen. These are the items reported to have been stolen:

  • Custom AR style shotgun with ATI 410 shotgun upper, Anderson lower, AR-15 style shotgun, semi
  • Remington TAC 14 20 GA pump-action shotgun
  • Five Visum body armor plate carriers without the plates
  • Beowulf .50 AR rifle style, black bipod and foregrip
  • 15 boxes of 30 RD 5.56 ammunition
  • Two Bosshog Citadel 12 GA shotguns
  • M12AR JTS shotgun 12 GA 
  • TP95FX Canik 
  • 605 Taurus 357 magazine
  • TPR9C Bersa 9mm
  • American 9 Ruger, American 9mm
  • XDS MOD 2 Springfield, XDS MOD 2 9mm
  • Rex Zero 01 9mm
  • AKM Polish with black handguard and grip, black synth stock, 40 RD PMAG
  • Ammunition
  • Magtech CPR 38 special
  • Romaniun BLK drum magazine 75 RD drum magazine, matte black
  • Tech 9 electrical tape on magazine, faded condition
  • Nagant 1939 Finnish Country capture SA marking on left side of receiver
  • AMK MD 63 with red pistol grips on handguard and receiver, 75 RD drum, side folding stock
  • Saiga BLK GA AK pistols, Tac Rail, pistol grip, 20 RD drum
  • Rifle parts
  • Possible magazines
  • Ammunition
  • Long gun

The value of stolen items stolen is believed to be more than $16,000.

Little Rock police announced on Jan. 29 they have arrested Kaleb Barnett, Vincent Cantu, and Matthew Thomas for the gun thefts.

So far, six weapons have been recovered. If you have purchased a weapon from these individuals, please call detectives at 501-404-3098.

This is an ongoing investigation.

Editor's Note: The attached video is a Verify segment over gun sales.

We will edit this story with updates as they are provided.

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