A John Brown University student accused of threatening a mass shooting or bombing in a suicide note is in jail, according to the Siloam Springs Police Department.

According to CBS affiliate KFSM, police responded to the campus regarding 20-year-old Timothy Constantin, who was reported as a suicidal student living at J. Brown Hall. Friends of the student called police after finding a suicide note he reportedly left in the common area of the building.

In the suicide note, Constantin wrote that he wanted to "do a mass shooting or mass bombing because of his hatred for society," according to court documents.

Police found the Florida native in his dorm room and was arrested on November 14 on suspicion of committing criminal acts involving explosives. An AK-47 rifle, a .9mm pistol, a Maverick shotgun, a bullet proof vest, several magazines, ammunition, and numerous knives were found in his room. Police also found a machete in his dorm room.

Constantin told police that if he wanted to murder multiple people he would "use explosive devices because they are easy to make, easy to conceal, easy to synchronize, inflict mass chaos and mass damage."

Witnesses stated they saw Constantin constructing explosive devices and igniting them off campus. Police say he admitted to making explosive items, but no materials were found in his dorm room.

Constantin is currently on psychiatric hold at the Benton County Jail. No bond has been announced.