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Police release dash cam footage in Little Rock city director's crash

Arkansas State Police have released dash cam footage in connection to the crash and arrest of Little Rock city director Ken Richardson.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Arkansas State Police have released dash cam footage in connection to a crash that involved Little Rock City Director Ken Richardson earlier this week.

Richardson was charged with resisting arrest and obstructing government operations following a car crash on Tuesday night.

Ward 2 Director Ken Richardson was reportedly involved in a car crash in Little Rock around 9:20 p.m., after he hit "several" utility poles and caused a transformer to explode, according to the Arkansas State Police.

Richardson said in a crash report that he was driving south on South University when he made a right turn onto Colonel Glenn Road and "does not remember much after" that.

He stated that he has a history of epilepsy and may have experienced a recurrence.

A state trooper said he approached Richardon's vehicle and described him as being "confused" and his speech was "incoherent".

Richardson allegedly ignored orders to step out of his vehicle multiple times and then resisted the officer's attempts to remove him from the vehicle.

After a brief struggle, Richardson got out of the car and was instructed by another trooper not to get back into his car.

One of the state troopers said that Richardson became combative once the Little Rock Fire Department arrived and allegedly "lunged" forward and "squeezed" the trooper's leg just below the groin area— Richardson said he did not remember that.

He was arrested by state police and transported to a nearby hospital shortly after.

In the newly released dash cam video, conversations can be heard about having Arkansas State Police investigate.

The people speaking said that they're concerned if charges go through the Little Rock Police Department, they won't stick to Richardson.

One person can be heard saying, "I hate to do that, but I just got off the phone with Jake and he said to keep it from going through Little Rock, that way they can't get their hands in it."

Someone responded, saying, "You talking about Little Rock PD?"

The first person replied, "Mmhm, because, it has nothing to do with this officer, but once it gets declared, it's going away."

Also heard in the video is a third voice asking something similar. They said, "Nothing against this officer here, but since he just told me, he's on the Board of Directors, apparently, he's got a reputation, and apparently, every time Little Rock PD gets it, it gets thrown out."

The Little Rock Police Department issued a statement in response to comments made in the video:

“Members of the Little Rock Police Department command staff are aware of comments allegedly made by an officer in our department during the traffic collision involving LR City Director Ken Richardson. LRPD officers and a supervisor investigated the traffic collision thoroughly after ensuring medical aid was rendered to Mr. Richardson. The investigation is ongoing and has been conducted within LRPD policy. Any follow-up action is pending evaluation of the urine sample by the Arkansas State Crime lab.”

We have reached out to Richardson and did not receive a response, as well as Mayor Frank Scott Jr., who declined to comment.

State police are currently working to investigate the crash and arrest.

Richardson has been a part of the Little Rock board of directors since January 2007.

This investigation is currently ongoing. We will update the article with more information as it becomes available.

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