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Little Rock Police warn car break-ins could increase over spring break

With spring break right around the corner, officers with the Little Rock Police Department are doing what they can to prevent cars from being broken into at parks.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Spring break is here, and that means more people could be making their way to state parks— but the Little Rock Police Department said that could lead to more cars being broken into.

“It's a lot more crowded. So of course, it makes it a lot easier for them to break into vehicles,” said Jonathan Tolentino, Little Rock Police Department Public Information Officer.

Officer Tolentino explained that unfortunately, this has been an ongoing issue.

“The previous years were, especially the holidays, stuff like that, people break into cars,” said Tolentino.

Signs reminding people to not leave valuables in their car and other tips can be seen at several local parks in hopes of preventing police from getting calls of another smash-and-grab.

“Don't take any valuables with you, leaving them at home if you can, you know, don't leave purses there. Don't leave wallets, backpacks, don't leave anything in plain sight,” said Tolentino. “Try to take minimal stuff with you or if you do carry like one of those small [bags] like a fanny pack or a small backpack.”

Though those reminders may seem simple, Officer Tolentino said that they're often forgotten.

“It falls on the consumers that are going to the parks. They're the ones that have to ultimately put those practices into play,” he said.

Officer Tolentino also explained that though you may think leaving your car doors unlocked with no valuables is a way to prevent damage— it's not.

“All it's doing is giving whoever's doing it. It let them know, hey, people are leaving the cars unlocked. So that makes it easier for me to just go in and get out really quick,” said Tolentino.

If you happen to fall victim to a smash and grab, police said that it’s important to figure out what’s missing and call them immediately so they can file a report.

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