A Knoxville man faces up to 80 years behind bars for raping a child who became pregnant at age 10 and 11.

Trendell Ray Brady, 34, was convicted of two counts of Rape of Child this week in a Knox County courtroom, according to District Attorney General Charme Allen's office.

Prosecutors said the sexual abuse started in 2003, when Brady started dating a member of the victim's family and would occasionally babysit the girl.

At age 10, the girl became pregnant, and DNA evidence confirmed Brady was the father. A few months later, when the girl was 11, she became pregnant again. Once again, DNA confirmed that Brady was the father.

Brady admitted to investigators that he raped that child during several interviews, but at trial, unsuccessfully tried to blame the crimes on his twin brother

“There are not enough years in prison Brady can serve to repair the damage that has been
done,” said DA Charme Allen. “However, I trust that the sentence in this case will
ensure that Brady is never again able to harm a child.”

At a sentencing hearing set for July 20, prosecutors will ask the judge to sentence Brady to the maximum sentence--- eighty years in prison without the possibility of parole. The jury also assessed fines totaling $100,000.