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Morgan Nick case gains momentum with heightened exposure

We continue to share the unsolved story of 6-year-old Morgan Nick as investigators say now is not the time to stop thinking about her story.

ALMA, Ark. — The unsolved case of Morgan Nick has stuck with Arkansans all these years, and we keep the momentum going as investigators say now is not the time to stop thinking about her story.

“Morgan, she needs to come home,” said Jeff Pointer, Alma police chief.

The Alma community, the state of Arkansas have wondered about Morgan Nick. Where is she? Who took her?

Morgan disappeared at an Alma little league baseball field, now a parking lot, in June 1995.  

She and her mom Colleen were cheering on family friends at a late-night game.

Pointer took us there, showing that up a hill, just feet from her mother is where someone abducted Morgan after playing with a group of friends.

“The main thing I remember is thinking she would be back home the next morning,” said Pointer.

Instead, the investigation has been a roller coaster, lingering now for 26 years.

But something new came to the public’s attention.

In the Still Missing Morgan documentary, investigators revealed a red truck with a white camper shell. Alma police say it could be linked to Morgan’s disappearance.

And they want to know who was behind the wheel the night Morgan was abducted.

“Morgan would be the very last person I thought this could happen to,” said Jerri Emrick, Morgan’s kindergarten teacher.

Emrick knew Morgan very well.

She has her own theories, believing there’s no way Morgan knew her abductor. But, that’s not something police have confirmed.

“When we went on field trips, she stayed near me. She wouldn’t talk to strangers. She was quiet. She had to get to know you before she interacted with you a lot,” said Emrick.

Ms. Jerri, as Morgan called her, still can’t fathom that night.

“I feel like one of my kids is missing as well, and I can’t Imagine what Colleen is going through,” said Emrick.

Though the heartache from the unknown runs deep, Emrick clings to little memories, a book Morgan gave her and a homemade ornament with the original hot glue still seeping through the sides.

“My hope is that she is still alive. At the beginning, I felt better about that,” said Emrick, emotionally.

Investigators say new leads have poured in since the documentary aired on THV11 and in Northwest Arkansas.  

“The exposure the case is getting right now, and the type of leads we are getting, we feel like we are close to solving this case,” said Pointer. “We are just asking someone to pick up the phone and call us. We know someone has the answers we need. And we need their help.”

Every lead, nearly 300 new ones just this month, are sifted through carefully.

But detectives still need your help. They are missing that one piece to the puzzle that could change everything for the ones like Ms. Jerri, who miss Morgan the most.

“Colleen deserves that. She will keep looking for Morgan until she finds her, or until she draws her last breath,” said Emrick.

If you know anything about the 1995 disappearance of Morgan Nick, you are urged to contact the Alma Police Department at (479) 632-3333. You can remain anonymous.

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