FAULKNER COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) — Detectives in Faulkner County say they have a person of interest they want to interview about a murder that took place nearly 30 years ago. They have also used new technology to get a clearer picture of what Pam Felkins’ killer might look like.

The Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office released two computer-generated sketches of the suspect, based on DNA collected at the scene of the crime.

“We want to treat all violent crime equally,” Deputy Adam Bledsoe said.

He's the Public Information Officer for the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office.

Felkins’ body was found near a dump site off Clinton Mountain Road on Feb. 3, 1990. She was last seen the night before by customers at Crossroads Video in Greenbrier, where she worked. Police believe she was kidnapped just before the end of her shift.

Her murder is one that people in Greenbrier remember well. Maura Crumpton still lives on the ranch that bordered the spot where Felkins’ body was located.

Of the night Felkins was abducted, Crumpton recalled, “rain pouring down. I had two large dogs that were coming unglued at our house, and they came running toward this spot right here, where this happened. Thought nothing of it, really, but it stuck in my mind.

“So, the next morning, I’m walking out to look at the new day, and here come police officers, coming right up to my kitchen window.”

While the DNA collected from the crime scene has been tested previously, scientists at the Arkansas State Crime Lab felt that DNA phenotyping might be useful in this case.

“Someone called it a long shot,” Bledsoe said. “We’re willing to take the long shot. We’re gonna do whatever it takes to do our very best, be professionals, and to solve this case.”

The crime lab sent a sample of the DNA to Parabon NanoLabs, a company based in Virginia. After analyzing the genetic code, the company produced a profile of the suspect: fair skin, green/hazel eyes, blond/brown hair, with few freckles. The company created predicted images of what the man may have looked like at the time if he were 25 years old and of average weight, and what he would look like today.

“Amazing,” Crumpton said. “Technology is fabulous!”

Bledsoe said investigators hope the images will either be shared enough on social media that someone will recognize the suspect. Or that they will trigger a reaction.

“Maybe you’re someone who witnessed something 28 years ago and you’ve had a difficult time sleeping at night,” he said. “And this is an opportunity for you to come forward and let us know.”

Crumpton said she thinks about Felkins when she drives past the site on her way to or from her home.

"I thought they’d figure it out within a week,” she said. “Crazy! And I hope they do, I hope they close in on it.”

Bledsoe said he hopes so, too.

“Miss Felkins and her family deserve that,” he said. “And the offender deserves to have justice served.”

Though Bledsoe mentioned that detectives have a person of interest in the case, he cautioned that they are not prepared to make an arrest.

Anyone with information is encouraged to Call 501-450-4917 and ask to speak with Investigator Hill or Fowlkes, or send them an email.

“We’re not going to turn away any tips, even if it’s a long shot,” Bledsoe said. “We’re willing to investigate it, because that’s what, that’s the right thing to do. And we’re going to do that.”