NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — On Sunday, May 12, the North Little Rock Police received a call in reference to a male subject driving a dark colored, possibly gray, Toyota Prius slowly in the area of War Eagle and Pontiac. 

The driver of the vehicle is said to have stopped and spoke with a young female and asked if she would like a ride. The young female refused and the driver of the vehicle left the area.

A report was completed for this incident and a detective was assigned to investigate the suspicious activity. 

During the course of the investigation, detectives learned that on the same day prior to the incident on War Eagle, a vehicle with a similar description stopped on Bel Air in front of where a small child was playing. 

An adult observed this occurring and immediately exited the residence. When the adult walked outside the driver drove away. During this incident it is unknown if verbal contact was made between the child and the driver of the vehicle. 

"You know when somebody goes out of town, we get their mail and papers for them," said Lisa Montgomery, a grandmother in what she calls a 'tight-knit' neighborhood - Indian Hills. 

"He rides his fire truck up and down these sidewalks all the time. It scares me that at any moment he could be kidnapped," Montgomery said about her grandson. "I'm concerned." 

Detectives have advised that the Prius had further been described as having an unknown type logo on the front driver side door and four red numbers on the passenger side of the vehicle.

In both cases the driver of the vehicle did not exit the vehicle and has only made verbal contact with at least one child. 

Patrol officers will be increasing patrols in the neighborhoods in and around where this suspicious activity has occurred.

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Police ask parents to use this time to educate their children about stranger danger.

"Don't speak to someone you don't know. Never get into a vehicle with someone you don't know," said Sgt. Amy Cooper, North Little Rock Police Department. 

"If you are encountered by a stranger and feel uncomfortable, go to an adult and tell them what's going on."

We ask that anyone with information about this suspicious activity or other similar reports of this nature to please contact the North Little Rock Police Department at (501) 758-1234 or the NLRPD Tip-Line at (501) 680-8439.