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Protesters call for justice after baseball bat brawl in Pine Bluff gas station

"It's an ongoing investigation. We don't have all of the facts right now. It's one of those situations where we have multiple statements," the police chief said.

PINE BLUFF, Ark — Pine Bluff Police Chief Lloyd Franklin says the department is actively investigating an incident that left a woman with visible injuries from a baseball bat.

The woman is accusing employees of attacking her with a bat inside the Shell gas station off the intersection of Martha Mitchell Expressway Thursday afternoon. 

Now, it's day two of protests forming outside the business calling for police to make an arrest.

"There was a Black young lady assaulted by these clerks and this situation is more of an outcry. Something to let these people know that this is not going unnoticed," said Jonte Augustion. 

He says situations like this are similar to other racially motivated events around the country where people with Asian and Middle-Eastern backgrounds place businesses in Black neighborhoods, but don't respect Black people. 

The clerks inside the gas station at the time were Indian.

"Somebody needs to be arrested or this store needs to be closed down. If it's your mama, your sister, your brother, your auntie, your child, Black, white, Chicano, Mexican. I don't care who it is. If they was done wrong going into this store, some justice need to be did," said Patty Lee, another protester. 

In a police report, the Pine Bluff Police Department classified the incident as 3rd Degree Battery. 

Pine Bluff Police Chief Lloyd Franklin says in the state of Arkansas, police can't make an arrest on a misdemeanor if they aren't present to witness the battery, unless it's a domestic issue. 

In the police report, the woman told police the clerks were upset about something she did. She says she tried to set a bottle of milk on the counter and walk away, but that's when they started to attack her with a baseball bat.

The manager of the store didn't want to talk on camera, but gave THV11 surveillance video from inside the store on the day of the incident. 

The manager says she previously purchased milk before coming back to try and buy gas when an argument escalated.

"It's an ongoing investigation. We don't have all of the facts right now. It's one of those situations where we have multiple statements. This person said that, that person said that. We want to make sure we have the facts," said Chief Franklin.

He says the department will get to the bottom of the case and the truth will come out.

"I understand people are protesting, which is well within their right. As long as they continue to do as they have been, which is be orderly," said Chief Franklin.

The woman who was hurt spoke with THV11 and says she started the paperwork with the city prosecutor's office. 

Meanwhile, the manager at the gas station says he's tried to talk to protesters, but they won't listen.

Protestors outside the gas station say they aren't stopping until an arrest is made or change is created. 

We'll keep you updated on any new details related to this case.