AMES, Iowa — A central Iowa woman faces animal neglect charges for reportedly attempting to perform surgery on her dog in her living room, killing the dog says CBS affiliate KCCI.

Sarah Diane McMenamin, 26, of Ames, is charged with animal neglect causing serious injury or death, according to court documents filed in Story County.

Ames Police Cmdr. Geoff Huff told KCCI that McMenamin had previously taken her dog to Iowa State University VetMed because the dog had fallen ill. Veterinary staff advised McMenamin that the dog had an obstruction that required surgery and that without surgery the dog might need to be euthanized.

Huff said McMenamin arranged to have the dog euthanized at a different veterinary clinic June 1, but did not take the dog to the appointment, prompting veterinary staff to call the police.

Upon arriving at her residence on the 2800 block of Arbor Street, McMenamin told authorities that she attempted to perform surgery that morning to remove the obstruction from her dog using a paring knife and tongs. She also told police that she did not think the dog had an obstruction, but that the dog might have consumed rat poison.

McMenamin told police that she attempted the surgery herself because she could not afford to have the procedure done by veterinary staff. Hoff said that McMenamin also told police that she believed she could perform the surgery herself because she grew up on a farm and had castrated pigs before.

Police said McMenamin caused the dog “unjustified pain, distress or suffering” that resulted in the dog’s death.

McMenamin will appear in court appearance Monday, according to the Ames Tribune.