FAULKNER COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) - After nearly three decades, a family and a community are getting closure after a grisly murder has perplexed authorities for years.

Faulkner County Sheriff Tim Ryals held a press conference to announce a primary suspect for the murder of Pam Felkins in 1990.

Edward Keith Renegar's DNA was a 99-percent match to a sample found at the scene on Clinton Mountain Road in Greenbrier. That DNA was also tested against Renegar's daughter's DNA, which was also a 99-percent match.

Felkins was raped and murdered 28 years ago in Greenbrier. Felkins’ body was found near a dump site off Clinton Mountain Road on Feb. 3, 1990. She was last seen the night before by customers at Crossroads Video in Greenbrier, where she worked. Police believe she was kidnapped just before the end of her shift.

Renegar was a 6-feet-4-inch man who died of natural causes in 2002 in Salt Lake City. He was born on May 3, 1958. He matches the FBI profile as well as a composite created by DNA phenotyping technology earlier this year.

Felkins' family and friends know of no connection between her and Renegar. But he was a frequent customer at the Crossroads video store that Felkins worked at.

Renegar lived near the dump site in Greenbrier and was convicted of sexual assault in Cleburne County in July of 1994, according to Ryals. He served a 10-month sentence in north Arkansas and was released in May of 1995.

Ryals said that crime involved the kidnapping of a "small-frame young lady" that was "fortunate enough to escape his grasp." He was caught with a knife and had bound the woman.

He drove a B2200 red Mazda pickup with a white camper shell, as well as numerous other vehicles.

Over the years, many persons' of interest DNA was tested. But they were all negative.

Renegar is the sole suspect in the case.

Anyone who may have known Renegar is asked to call 501-450-4917.

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