LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A young mother and her two children are killed inside their southwest Little Rock home and 24 hours later, their killer still walks free.

This grizzly murder shocked the Little Rock community Tuesday night and left many on edge even throughout Wednesday.

One consistent message we’ve heard: no crime, no slight, no bad decision warrants the brutal slaying of Mariah Cunningham and her children.

A young mother, 24 year-old Mariah Cunningham, and two of her children; five year-old A’Layliah, and three year-old Elijah Fisher were brutally murdered inside their Southwest Little Rock Apartment on Tuesday.

Their three bodies were found by Mariah's grandmother, after she was called because the children did not make it to school.

That grandmother told me, the single-mom of three quit school to take care of her own mother, who recently died of MS.

She was working two jobs to care for her kids.

"Nothing that those children could have done would deserve being killed like that, and the mother either, to my knowledge,” said Little Rock Police Officer, Steve Moore. "When it's children like that, I think people tend to react differently."

And they did react differently.

Just hours after Officer Moore and the LRPD put out a description of Cunningham's car, missing from the crime scene, someone called in a tip, and It was found about 10 minutes away in another part of Southwest Little Rock.

"To my knowledge, they're still looking to see who might have seen somebody get out of it, when was it parked there, so that's something we can backtrack and look into. But right now, as far as I know, we don't have a description of anybody getting out of it or pulling up into it and leaving it there,” Officer Moore said Wednesday afternoon. LRPD crime scene units were still at the apartment collecting evidence. "Three people killed, two of them children. So we want to get everything out of that apartment; anything that could be evidence in it, around it, on the parking lot, anything like that."

Officer Moore says, they need more tips like those, to bring the killer to justice.

Since their Tuesday afternoon murder, many have asked how exactly the family was killed. I asked that question of Officer Moore.

"We still haven't received a full report from the medical examiner on all three of the victims, so we are not releasing that information until we get the full reports from them."

Mariah's eldest child is safe with family.

The father of the two victims met with LRPD detectives Tuesday night, and was ultimately arrested for outstanding warrants.

Right now, they have no reason to believe he was involved.