On July 8, Roderick Talley, who is running for state representative in District 36, was arrested in Hope after he began videoing a traffic stop.

According to the police report, Trooper Henley was stationary on Hazel Street in Hope, Arkansas, focusing on seat belt violations in the area. Henley stated that he observed a driver of a silver car not wearing a seatbelt.

He proceeded to pull over the silver car and stopped on Peck Circle. While the trooper was conducting the traffic stop, a brown Ford F-150 parked "in the roadway directly in front of the silver passenger car."

The driver of the brown Ford F-150, later identified as Talley, exited his vehicle and held up his cell phone as if to take video of the traffic stop. Trooper Henley let the silver car go, and drove up a few feet to be directly behind the Ford.

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Talley would not identify himself to Trooper Henley, according to the police report.

"So, without being able to identify him, he was under arrest for obstruction of governmental operations," Trooper Henley said in the report.

Talley mentioned numerous times that he wasn't doing anything wrong during the traffic stop. "I requested multiple times for Talley to sit down in the back seat of my car and he refused to do so," said Henley.

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According to the police report, after Talley accused him of racial profiling and refusing information, Trooper Henley did a search and found a potential match which showed a driving history of having a minimum of 4 other driving on suspended license charges.

In the report, Henley listed "stupid f***," "racist f***ing cracker," "fat f**got," and other remarks Talley used after being detained.

Talley was arrested for impeding traffic, driving with a suspended license and obstructing government operations.