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Rogers physician arrested for over-prescribing opiates, making false statement

Between May 2018 and September 2019, Cox prescribed 214,050 tablets of oxycodone, with a street value of approximately $3,204,765 if diverted.

ROGERS, Ark. — According to the Department of Justice, a physician in Rogers was arrested for over-prescribing opiates and making a false statement.

State officials announced Tuesday, October 22, that Dr. Robin Ann Cox was arrested on federal charges. 

Cox is indicted on one count of Prescribing Without a Legitimate Medical Purpose Outside the Scope of Professional Practice and one count of Willfully and Knowingly Making a Material False Statement to Federal Investigators.

An investigation was initiated into the Arkansas Medical Clinic in Rogers in 2019 when investigators received complaints from local pharmacists, residents, and police departments of a suspected "pill mill."

Dr. Cox was identified as the physician of the clinic. Investigators monitored her prescribing habits from the date the clinic opened in May 2018 to the middle of September 2019.

The investigation revealed Cox to be a suspected over-prescriber of opioids, and many of the prescriptions were not written in the usual course of professional practice.

Further, Dr. Cox made false statements to agents of the DEA regarding the legitimacy of prescription bearing her signature.

During the time of the investigation, Cox prescribed 214,050 tablets of oxycodone, with a street value of approximately $3,204,765 if diverted. 

Investigators also discovered approximately 90% of Cox's patients who were prescribed controlled substances, received at least one prescription of opiates.

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