LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Police in Little Rock are looking for the suspects responsible for burglarizing what used to be Cajun’s Wharf.

The owner of Cajun’s Wharf, Marybeth Ringgold, said it happened early Wednesday morning.

According to the police report released by Little Rock police, $14,546 were taken from the safe room. The thieves also took $5,000 worth of alcohol from the liquor room.

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Ringgold said this loss could not come at a worse time, especially after the restaurant was forced to close its doors for good one day early due to the flooding.

“To know that we’re shutting down a business after 44 years, and come in to rob somebody, that in itself is really unsettling to me,” said Ringgold.

Ringgold said she noticed the restaurant’s front doors had been broken into on Wednesday morning and after looking around, it was clear her business had been burglarized.

“They were focused pretty much on as much money as they could get and as much in the way of spirits they could get,” Ringgold said. “Cleared out several shelves of high dollar bourbons, cognacs, gins and vodkas.”

She said the three thieves broke into the front door, loaded bags of liquor and cash and waded through floodwaters to get it all out.

"They brought duffle bags in, and as they were leaving they had big duffle bags for their backs and they were carrying duffle bags, and they actually used one of our kitchen carts to load that because it was so heavy," Ringgold said. "Then they took it outside and down the handicap ramp and out into the floodwaters and out to the back of the building."

“The fact that they waded through water moccasin infested water, up to knee high, in some places more, to rob a place…” Ringgold said. “These guys are something, I can’t wait to meet them.”

Ringgold only has one message for the three suspects.

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“Spend enough of that kind of energy doing positive things rather than being hurtful to other people,” Ringgold said.

Ringgold said even though she might not get her belongings back, she remains hopeful the three suspects will be caught and that it’s just a matter of time.

If you have any information you are urged to call the Little Rock Police Department.