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Conway man shot and killed in his home still unsolved 6 years later

Five days after his 50th birthday, Terry Credit was shot and killed in his home. Though it has been six years since it happened, his family still wants answers.

CONWAY, Arkansas — Just five days after he had just celebrated his 50th birthday, Terry Credit of Conway was shot and killed. Though it happened 6 years ago, police have continued to follow up on leads, but have been left with very little to go on.

Who is Terry Credit?

Terry was not only a husband, but he was also a father, brother, and son.

"He was the type of person, he would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it," explained Vickie Credit-Rome, the sister of Terry.

 He came from a big family with 8 other siblings, and in order to stand out in this family— you had to have a big personality.

"Never met a stranger. I mean never," said Vickie. "When I tell you, he could go into a room and if it's dull he will brighten it up. He will have everybody laughing."

Those who knew Terry also knew not to mess with him. 

"He was as good as he could be until you made him mad. Now, if you made him mad? That's another story," added Vickie.

On one August evening in 2016, Terry just celebrated his 50th birthday, and everything seemed to be going great. 

Vickie recalled that the last time Terry saw his family he was acting differently, and he told various family members how much he loved them— something he wouldn't normally do. 

She commented that it was as if he knew something terrible was going to happen soon.

Night of the murder

On August 17, 2016, the Conway Police Department got two calls of shots fired at the 400 block of East Robins Street.

It was 2:30 in the morning, and police searched the trailer home park for any suspicious activity.

"Officers noticed initially a white plastic, looked like a Halloween mask, in the driveway of a residence," said Sergeant Timothy Gray, the detective on Terry's case.

The door to the home was open, and officers found Terry Credit shot and killed inside. 

Police recovered two shell casings and concluded that Terry had been shot twice.

Vickie then got a call from her father who explained that Terry had been killed.

"When I tell you I left my job screaming, hollering, and running, and jumped in my car and I was gone," added Vickie.

When the family was able to see the crime scene for themselves, one thing, in particular, stood out to them. 

They saw the curtain to his front window was still open, and they believe he knew who was outside his house and that's why he opened the door on the night he was murdered.

The Investigation

Sergeant Gray has worked on this case for two years now, during that time he has gone back over the file and has even re-tested the evidence.

"I contacted the crime lab and got ahold of the original technician who evaluated some of the evidence we brought in and he agreed. He's like, 'Yes, we have new technology. We can look at some of this stuff and maybe be able to develop new leads in this case,'" said Sgt. Gray.

Though they have re-tested, they have still come up short. 

None of the re-tested evidence has led to any new information.

"Anytime you get a case that you can't solve as a detective it's always frustrating, but for Terry Credit's family I know it's got to be that much more frustrating," said Sgt. Gray. "We already know the what, how, and when; but his family doesn't know who or why and we want to be able to solve that so they can have closure."

Both the family and detectives have said they're not giving up.

Every year, Terry's family and friends gather to celebrate his life and legacy, to make sure he's not forgotten.

"We just want justice. I just want to talk to the person and ask them why. Was it worth it? Was it worth you taking his life," said Vickie.

There is a $2,500 reward for information that leads to the arrest of Terry's killer, and if you know anything, you are urged to please contact the Conway Police Department at (501) 450-6130.

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