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Two Little Rock men plead guilty to sex trafficking charges against 6-year-old girl

Demarcus George and Mario Waters have both pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of a child after the victim was treated at an Arkansas hospital.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Two Little Rock men have pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of a child after the 6-year-old was treated for multiple sexually transmitted diseases at Arkansas Children's Hospital in 2018, according to officials.

While being interviewed by the FBI, the victim said a man, later identified as 27-year-old Demarcus George, had raped her in a Little Rock hotel room, even describing a picture hanging on the wall.

Authorities were able to find the hotel that matched the victim's descriptions and found financial records from the hotel showing the child's mother had bought a hotel room with a credit card a month after the child was admitted to the hospital for sexually transmitted diseases.

"The child has since been removed from the mother’s custody," officials said in a statement.

The child also reportedly told investigators that another man, later identified as Mario Waters, also raped her.

Officers were able to get search warrants for Waters' and George's blood and urine and both men tested positive for the same transmitted diseases as the victim.

Authorities say George and Waters both stated in court that they had "sexual contact with the minor and were involved in trafficking her and others."

They will be sentenced for conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of a child.

The definition of the "conspiracy" in the sex trafficking charge contextualizes that the suspects agreed to commit sex trafficking, specific intent and that at least one of them committed an overt act.

A federal judge will sentence George and Waters at a later date. Conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of a child can be punishable no less than five years up to life in prison.

“The unspeakable crimes committed against this child remind us how vitally important it is to have law enforcement officers willing to investigate and put a stop to these horrific actions,” stated United States Attorney Jonathan D. Ross.

“These guilty pleas will spare the young victim from having to relive her experience on the witness stand at a trial. Our law enforcement partners work hard every day to protect children from this abuse, and our office will continue to aggressively pursue those who commit these deplorable crimes.”

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