Tevin Cartwright and William Wade were arrested at the Quality Inn in Jacksonville after being found in the room with three underaged girls, one of whom said she was raped after drinking Hennessey, according to court records.

Jacksonville police were dispatched to the Quality Inn where the clerk said that room 220 was over-occupancy and that one of the girls was sitting behind the motel on a bench. 

When officers knocked on the door, William Wade opened the door and said he didn't know what the police was talking about when asked about the girls.

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According to police, once officers smelled marijuana, he stepped in the room, seeing two girls on the bed closest to the door.

Wade attempted to flee and was apprehended after assaulting the arresting officer. Cartwright was arrested without issue.

One of the female victims told officers that Wade had raped her after they were given alcohol, court records say.

According to Jacksonville police documents, Wade was charged with rape, 2nd-degree battery against a police officer, delinquency of a minor and resisting arrest. 

Cartwright was charged with delinquency of a minor.

Two of the female victims were 16 years old, and the other was 14, according to police reports.

We've updated the article to clarify that William Wade was charged with rape, not Tevin Cartwright.